Kiwanis of PGKiwanis Club of Pacific Grove

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I am interested in community service. How can I get involved?

A: Come to one of our Kiwanis Club meetings. Our members will explain our community service programs to you or help you meet your community service goals. You may also call Mike Niccum at 647-5604 or Sherry Sands at 372-4421. Membership Application

Q: What is Kiwanis?

A: Kiwanis is an organization for men and women. It offers an opportunity for personal involvement in the leadership and improvement of the community, the nation and world. As a group, Kiwanians can achieve what individuals cannot do alone. Kiwanians throughout the world, attend regular meetings for fellowship and inspiration. They perform voluntary community service, usually after hours or on weekends. Kiwanis is a service organization. It does not prescribe a way of life for others. It does not get involved in political action. It often does, however, act as a forum for diverse ideas.

Q: How can I join Kiwanis?

A: Come to one of our meetings and let us know of your interest. Usually prospective members attend two meetings as guests of the club and then are asked to join. You may also call Mike Niccum at 647-5604 or Art Alexander at 655-2099 for information. Membership Application

Q: I would like to speak to the Kiwanis Club. How can I do that?

A: Kiwanis welcomes speakers on a variety of subjects at our weekly meetings. The subjects, however, must be non-political and must not include any type of sales pitch or request for funds. Political subjects are allowed only when both sides of the issue, or all candidates are speakers. Call Mike Niccum at 647-5604 to schedule a speaking date.

Q: What do you do at weekly Kiwanis meetings?

A: Meetings open with singing of a patriotic song, pledge of allegiance and an invocation. Meetings start promptly at 7:30 a.m. and end exactly at 8:30 a.m. The first ½ hour is for breakfast, announcements, jokes and fun. The second ½ hour is devoted to a program (speaker, panel, forum, etc.)

Q: When and where does Kiwanis meet?

A: Generaly the first and third Wednesday of the month from 7:30 to 8:30 a.m. at the First Awakenings Restaurant, (located in the American Tin Cannery near the Aquarium), 125 Oceanview Blvd., Pacific Grove, CA.

Q: How does Kiwanis serve the community?

A: The primary emphasis of Kiwanis is youth programs. Kiwanis sponsors Scout Troops, Cub Scout Packs, Pony League Baseball Teams, Lacrosse at Pacific Grove High School, athletic programs at Pacific Grove schools, science camps at elementary schools and organizes the Santa Project to distribute toys to local needy children. Scholarships are awarded to Pacific Grove High School graduates and scholastic achievement awards are presented to Defense Language Institute students.

Kiwanis is involved in many other community services. Some are participation in the Meals on Wheels program, support of the Gateway Center, building and maintain the Gazebo at Jewel Park, participating in the City's program to install fire detectors in every home in Pacific Grove, helping the Salvation Army Christmas bell ringers, preparing a pancake breakfast for Pacific Grove School District teachers and staff each year, supporting the Pacific Grove High School Sober Grad Night, donating benches along Pacific Grove waterfront trail and many more projects and donations.

Q: Where does Kiwanis get its funds for these programs?

A: Kiwanis’ primary fund raiser is a Pancake Breakfast in conjunction with the Pacific Grove Good Old Days Celebration. Pancake breakfasts are also held as fund raisers for community and youth groups. Other fund raiser are held from time to time such as barbeques, silent auctions, golf tournaments, and selling snow cones and cotton candy at Pacific Grove events. Kiwanis also has some donated money set aside for special scholarship awards such as the Cory Heitz Fund and other earmarked money.